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Vanessa Austin

Vanessa was brought up in London, daughter of St Lucian émigrés, who had arrived in Britain in the 1960′s.  Vanessa started work in finance at the beginning of the great expansion of London as a financial centre, shortly after ‘Big Bang’ in 1986, working for small commodities house.  Over the following years, she got to work alongside some of the City’s great financial intellectuals and alumni. This well timed path, and a sheer determination to succeed with her career, led her to work in other financial cities – 2 years in New York in the late 1980′s, 7 years in Frankfurt in the 1990′s, plus an extended period in Zurich in the mid 2000′s.  She retired from the financial sector in 2007, and it is now 3yrs since she left that busy work/lifestyle behind – with two beautiful teenagers and a loving supporting husband it was felt that a change of pace was necessary.  Her energies have recently focused as ambassador to Tulbagh Mountain Vineyards, a boutique wine farm that was purchased by family interests in early 2000. Marketing the wines has also taken her across Europe, USA and South Africa.

“I have been so fortunate to travel and it’s a wonderful education.  Outside of one’s cocooned world you are exposed to some of life’s harsh realities that humans face daily.  My inner senses have been stirred for some time now, particularly with my South African experience where poverty, cruelty and depravation are just a way of life for a large majority.  It’s not enough to just throw money at the plight, action brings rewards.  Joining the CF4 team will be one of my greatest challenges – a test of my humility, physical and mental capacity.  As a mother I also feel so passionate about the innocence of our children, that innocence should never be denied or violated – we have to join forces and spend all our energies to shout to the world about the perpetrators of Human Trafficking.

With that in mind for every step that I take towards the summit of Kilimanjaro my focus shall remain Climb4freedom – A21” – Vanessa